Customize Your Gradebook Display Settings

You can customize your gradebook to display the information that is useful for you. The changes you make to your display settings do not affect your students' view of their grades.

  1. Click the Gradebook tab.
  2. If your Grade Preferences are hidden, click Show All Options.
  3. Adjust the display settings under Gradebook Preferences.
    To do thisDo this
    Organize assignments by grading category Select Categories under Assignments.

    Your categories are organized in the order they are listed on the Edit Grading Categories page. See Reorder Grading Categories.

    Organize assignments by date

    To organize assignments by ascending dates, select Sort by due date ascending under Assignments.

    To organize assignments by descending dates, select Sort by due date descending under Assignments.

    Display grades as percentages Select Percentage under Grades.
    Display grades as total points earned Select Total points under Grades.
    Display grades as Taken/ Not taken Select Taken / Not taken under Grades.
    Include assignments not yet taken in the number of possible points Select Include missing assignments in totals under Grades.
    Note If you do not select this option, only the assignments listed in your gradebook will be included in grade calculations.
    Color code students' grades by percentage Select Enable Shading under Grades.

    Students' scores display as different colors if they earned <70%, 70-79.99%, 80-89.99%, or ≥90%.

    The Shading Key at the bottom of the gradebook matches the scores with their corresponding colors.
    Include scores on in-progress assignments in the Total Score Select Use In-Progress Scores for Total Score under Grades.
  4. Click Apply Changes.
  5. Adjust the display settings in Manage Columns.
    Note Hidden/ filtered assignments are still included in students' total score calculations.
    To do thisDo this
    Choose which categories of student information to display
    1. Click Manage Columns.
    2. Select the columns you want to display in your gradebook, and clear the columns you want to hide.
    Customize which assignments display in your gradebook
    1. Click Manage Columns > Edit Assignment Filters.
    2. Set the assignment filters.
    3. Click Submit.
    Hide an assignment from your gradebook Click close next to the title of the assignment.
    Display assignments you have previously hidden from your gradebook
    1. Click Manage Columns > View Hidden Assignments.
    2. Select the assignments you want to display.
    3. Click Show Selected Assignments in Gradebook.