Class Aggregate Reports

Class Aggregate reports give you an overview of your students' performance. There are several different ways to organize your Class Aggregate reports.

All OWLv2 courses have Assignments reports, with each assignment listed, and Questions reports, with each item listed. Any further class aggregate reports depend on the subject matter and product associated with your OWLv2 course.

An example of a report that may be available to you is Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy. In this report, every question is categorized as one of the six levels of cognitive understanding (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, or evaluation) identified in Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy. The report lists the six levels and the class average for all submitted questions that belong in each level.

Some columns in your Class Aggregate report are broken up into Class and Global. Class displays results for the students in the course selected on the Gradebook page. Global displays results for your students across all courses.