Add Instructors

Add instructors to your section.

Note This section does not apply to LMS Integrated SAM.
  1. On the Edit Sections page, click Instructors.
  2. Click the + icon to expand the Instructor Candidates section.

    A list of instructors display.

  3. Search for the instructor you want to add to the section.

    Click the + icon.

    The instructor displays in the Active Instructors section.

  4. Expand the Active Instructors.
  5. Click the Ownership toggle to make instructors owners.
    • Only the creator of the section can assign owner status to other instructors.
    • Clicking the icon again reverts the user to instructor-only status.
    Note See the SAM User Roles table to review owner rights.
  6. Optional: Click the minus icon to remove an instructor from a section.
  7. Click Save to continue your course setup or Save & Close to save changes and exit.