Add Textbooks

Add one or more textbooks to your section.

SAM instructors can add more than one book to a section but students are limited to the number of ebooks determined by the SAM institution type (Key Code or Site License). A license is used when a student first launches an ebook.

SAM LMS integrated instructors are limited to adding the number of ebooks to the section based on the textbook.

Note In a Site License institution, a warning is issued if the maximum number of ebooks is exceeded.
  1. On the Edit Section page, click Textbooks.
  2. Choose a textbook from Available Textbooks.
    Optional: Filter the textbooks by:
    • Choose the series and subject of the textbook
    • Select e-book to view only ebooks.
    • Enter the ISBN or title of the book.
  3. Click a textbook.
  4. Optional: Choose one of the following options:
    Enable ebook to Students
    Makes the ebook available to your students.
    Enable Chapter Level Readings
    Select chapters for students to read.
  5. Optional: If Enable Chapter Level Readings is selected, choose which chapters to include in the textbook.
  6. Click Add Book.

    The textbook moves into Active Textbooks.

  7. Click Save to continue your course setup or Save & Close to save changes and exit.