Add Sections

To add a new section, use the following procedure:

Note  This section does not apply to LMS Integrated SAM.
  1. In the navigation bar, click Sections.
  2. Click Add New.

    The Sections – Add New page displays, defaulting to the Properties tab.

  3. Enter the necessary information in the Properties tab. An * indicates a mandatory field.

    Field Name


    *Section Name

    Enter the section name.

    *Course Name

    Enter the course name.

    Course Description

    Briefly describe the course content.


    Enter the term in which the section will be available, i.e., fall, spring, summer, etc.).


    Enter the year the section will be available.

    *Content Version

    Select Keyboarding.

    Student Auto-Enroll

    If this box is checked, students automatically enroll in this section. If unchecked, students will be wait-listed until you accept them into the section.

    Study Center

    This is not available for Keyboarding.

    Hide Section

    If this box is checked, students cannot see the section. You can use this to set up a template, which you can then copy, or while you are editing the section.

  4. Click Save.

    A dialog box confirms the section creates.

  5. Click OK to add the textbooks, instructors and students to the section.