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Change Project Points and Step Weights

By default, SAM project grades are worth 100 total points. You can change this default to any whole number under 100. You can also change the point values of any step. The sum of all step weights must equal the total points for the project.

For example, if a project has a total of 100 points and the project has 10 steps, each step is worth a maximum score of 10 points. If you change the total points to 80, then the 10 steps must add up to a total of 80 points.

You can adjust the weights when you initially schedule the project or when you edit the project schedule.

Note You cannot adjust the project weights for textbook projects.
  1. On the Project Assignment Options and Scheduling page, click Adjust.
  2. Enter the Total Points for the project (up to 100).

    If your project is worth more than 100 points, change the project's point value in the gradebook.

  3. Click Next.

    The project steps are listed with the points for each. For PC and Mac projects, both sets of steps are listed.

  4. Set the Points for each project step.
    Note Enter a value of 0 to grade a step but not assign points.
  5. Ensure that all steps add up to the Total Points.

    For PC and Mac projects, both sums must equal the total points.

  6. Optional: If needed, normalize the remaining point values or reset all points to the original values.
    • To reset all points to the original values, click Reset.
    • To automatically calculate the remaining points, click Normalize.

      Point values for steps that you have not manually changed are recalculated so the sum of all steps equals the project total points.

      Point values that you manually changed are preserved.

    For PC and Mac projects, you can reset or normalize the points for each set of steps.

  7. Click OK.