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Communicating to a Section

Send an e-mail to your entire section using the following procedure:

Note SAM recommends using Firefox for this feature.
  1. On the Navigation bar, click Sections.

    The Sections page displays with all sections in the list.

    Note There is an additional column in the sections list displaying the content version of each section. It refers to the version of Microsoft Office® assigned to the section (Office 365®/2016 or Office 365/2019, depending on what is available to the institution).
  2. Enter a section in the search menu.

    Sections display.

  3. Select the section or sections to send the e-mail.

    Click Communicate.

    The form to send the e-mail displays.

  4. Write the message.
  5. Optional: Click Attach to add Attachments to the message.
  6. Click Send.

    The email is sent to the communication email address of the instructors and students in the section.