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Copy a Section (Higher Education)

Copying a section provides a convenient way to create a new section that shares similar attributes to one that already exists (for example, creating different sections of the same course or using the same textbook selections, instructors or assignments). You can copy up to 50 sections at once.

Copy a section using the following procedure:

Note This section does not apply to LMS Integrated SAM.
  1. On the Navigation bar, click Sections.

    The Sections page displays.

  2. Select a section.
  3. Click Copy.

    Step 1 of the Section Copy page displays.

    Note If you do not want to copy the section, click Cancel.
  4. Click the Always Available toggle in the top row to change the date of all assignments to Always Available.
  5. Select the number of section copies to make.
  6. Select Copy Gradebook Settings to copy the section Gradebook settings, such as whether scores display in points or percent and the Assignment Types and Weights.
  7. Decide if you want to copy assignments from the original section to the new one.
    Note You cannot change the content version assigned to a section when copying a section. The same applies to any assignment you copy from the source section.

    You want to copy assignments

    • Select the assignments to copy.
    • The default selection is to copy all assignments.
    • If you do not want to copy all assignments, deselect the appropriate assignment check boxes.
    • Edit the assignment names as necessary.
    You do not want to copy assignments

    Deselect all assignments.

  8. Select the scheduling and assignment options you want to copy.
    Note All assignments that you are copying need dates before you can proceed.



    You want to copy scheduling dates for the selected assignments,

    Dates scheduled for selected assignments copy automatically.

    Note When copying assignments, the system does not copy scheduling dates that have already passed. Assignments without dates have Add a New Date display in the Dates/Security field.

    You want to change the scheduling date for the assignment,

    • Select Always Available so students can always access the assignment. Always Available Assignments have no due date or available date OR
    • Click the calendar icon. Select the dates for the assignment.


  9. Click the Scheduling Options icon.

    Click Save and Close when you are done.

  10. Click Next Step.
    • If Next Step displays grayed out, the row with the issue displays highlighted in red.
    • If you select Copy Gradebook Settings and do not copy some of the assignments, a warning that removing some assignments may affect the total points or weights in the Gradebook displays. You should check the Gradebook after the section copies to verify the settings.

    Step 2 of the Section Copy page displays.

  11. Enter any necessary changes to the section properties.
    Note You cannot have the same Section Name, Term and Year combination within an institution.
  12. Click the Edit Instructors icon to add or modify instructors in the new section.
    Note You can assign owners on this tab.

    The Instructors page displays.

  13. Edit the instructors and ownership.

    Click Save and Close.

    Step 2 of the Section Copy page displays.

  14. (Optional) To remove a section copy, click the Remove Section icon.

    The section copy no longer displays.

  15. Optional: To add a section copy, click Add a Copy.

    An additional section copy displays.

  16. Click Save And Close.
    Note If the SAVE AND close button displays grayed out, red exclamation marks display. Hover over them to view the error.

    The section copies.

  17. Optional: If an error message displays, click View Errors.

    Hover over the red exclamation mark to view the error.

  18. Fix the errors.
  19. Click Save And Close.

    The section copies.