Database Management

SAM maintains a list of both active (in use) and deactivated (marked for deletion) database items. These include:

  • Users
  • Sections
  • Exam Assignments
  • Training Assignments
  • Project Assignments
  • Custom Exams
  • Custom Exam Questions
  • Custom Training

Administrators or supervisors can perform the following database management functions:

  • Deactivate active items, flagging them for deletion. Deactivated items do not display in lists or reports.
  • Reactivate inactive items as long as they were not purged.
  • A user with supervisor privileges can also purge deactivated items, permanently removing them from your institution’s database.

Searching For, Selecting and Processing Items

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Admin.

    The Administration Settings page displays.

  2. Click the appropriate tab to perform one of the following actions:
    • Deactivate: Mark the selected items for deletion and remove them from displays and reports.
    • Purge: Permanently delete the selected items from your institution’s database (requires supervisor privileges).
    • Reactivate: Restore selected deactivated items.
  3. Click the appropriate option button for the item you want to manage:
    • Users
    • Sections
    • SAM Assignments
    • Exams and Training
    • Custom Questions
  4. Select the check box next to an item to narrow the list of items:
    • Users: Admin, Instructors, Students
    • Sections: No further options
    • SAM Assignments: Exams, Trainings, Project s and SAM Paths.
    • Exams and Training: Exam, Training
    • Custom Questions: No further options
  5. To locate a user, enter a search term and press Enter to narrow the list of items.
    Note Click the arrow to the left of the search field to specify a search category.  This action depends on the search category. For example, you can specify:
    • Users: Name only
    • Sections: Section Name, Instructor Name
    • SAM Assignments: Assignment Name, Creator Name
    • Exams and Training: Exam or Training Name, Creator Name
    • Custom Questions: Question Name, Creator Name
  6. Select the items to process.
  7. To process the selected items, click Deactivate, Purge, or Reactivate.

    Click OK or Cancel.

    Alternatively, click Reset start your search again and return to step 3.

Purged Item

Other Affected Items

Inactive Student Users

All associated results are also deleted

Inactive Instructor Users

The following associated items will also be deleted:

  • Sections
  • Exams
  • Training
  • Custom Questions
  • Assignments
  • Assignment Results

Inactive Sections

The following associated items are also deleted:

  • Assignments
  • Assignment Results

Inactive Custom Exams

The following associated items are also deleted:

  • Assignments
  • Assignment Results

Inactive Exam Assignments

All associated results are also deleted

Inactive Training Assignments

All associated results also deleted

Inactive Custom Questions

The custom questions are deleted from all associated exams