Editing Keyboarding Lessons

Edit the Keyboarding Lessons for your section using the following procedure:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Sections.

    The Sections page displays.

  2. Select a section.
  3. Click Edit.

    The Sections – Edit page displays, defaulting to the Properties tab.

    Note If you do not want to edit the section, click the Cancel button.
  4. Click the Lessons tab to edit lessons.
    Note You need to enter the Keyboarding Preferences tab before opening the Lessons tab. Save the Keyboarding Preferences settings to be able to navigate directly to the Lessons tab in the future.

    The Lessons tab displays.

  5. Select the maximum number of lessons using the drop down menu.
    • Instructors may not be able to edit this field depending on the institution. If instructors edit this number, it may cause lessons to be deselected.
    • If a lesson does not include lesson in the name, it is a supplemental lesson and does not count towards the maximum number of lessons.
  6. Click Bulk Select to select a range of lessons. Instructors can then enable or disable them as a group.
  7. Select a check box to include a lesson.
  8. Edit the Assignment name.
    Note You cannot edit the lesson name.
  9. Toggle the Always Available button to ON if you want the assignment to be always available.
  10. Use the Search menu to find a specific lesson or assignment.
  11. Click the Gear icon next to an assignment to set Scheduling Options, Assignment Options, and Preferences.
    • You cannot enter an available or due date if Always Available is ON.
    • The calendar options are different depending on the task technique.
  12. Click Save or Save and Close.