Editing Section Instructors

Edit the instructors for your section using the following procedure:

Note This section does not apply to LMS Integrated SAM.
  1. In the navigation bar, click Sections.
  2. Select a section and click Edit.

    The Edit Section page displays, defaulting to the Properties tab.

  3. Click the Instructors tab to add instructors to the section. SAM assigns you to the section automatically.
  4. Click the + icon to expand the Instructor Candidates section.

    A list of instructors display.

  5. Search for the instructor you want to add to the section.

    Click the + icon.

    The instructor displays in the Active Instructors section.

  6. Expand the Active Instructors.
  7. Click the Ownership toggle to make instructors owners.
    • Only the creator of the section can assign owner status to other instructors.
    • Clicking the icon again reverts the user to instructor-only status.
  8. Optional: Click the minus icon to remove an instructor from a section.
  9. Click Save to continue your course setup or Save & Close to save changes and exit.