Exam Assignments

Use the following procedure to take an exam.

Note Before you start an exam, close all applications except your browser. Then, close any additional browser windows or tabs unless otherwise indicated by your instructor. This helps ensure that the SAM Content Player performance is not affected. This is especially important if you take a timed exam.
  1. Select an exam from the Activity Calendar or Activity List.

    If your instructor specified a password for the assignment, SAM prompts you for it. Enter the password and click OK.

    The assignment details display in a new window, listing the following information about the assignment:

    • The name of the assignment
    • Time limit
    • Instructions
    • Incorrect actions allowed per task
    • The number of times an exam can be retaken
    • The number of retakes you have remaining
  2. Click Start.

    The exam begins when the SAM Content Player opens.

    Note Some SAM courses use different versions of the SAM Content Player.
  3. Follow the displayed instructions to complete the tasks in your assignment.
  4. Optional: Click View Report to see your results. This option is available in some 2016 exams.
  5. Click OK to submit your assignment.
    Important Your assignment is not submitted if you close the Content Player by closing the browser window.
  6. Optional: To submit your assignment with incomplete tasks, click Submit > Yes.