Generating Reports

Use the following procedure to generate reports:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Results.

    The Reports tab displays by default.

  2. Select a report category.

    Depending on the category chosen a subcategory drop down menu displays or the Report Type drop down displays.

  3. Select the assignment type for which you want to run a report.

    The Report Type dropdown displays.

  4. Select a Report Type.
    Note Based on your Report Type and required report criteria, specific search options display.
  5. Select the report criteria.
  6. Optional: Select the optional report fields to include in the report.
  7. Select the section, assignment and student for which to run the report.
  8. Click Generate Report.

    The report displays in a new tab.

  9. To close the report, click the X icon in the upper right of the report window.
    Important Do not click the X icon for Windows or you will exit SAM.