Keyboarding Descriptions - Office Trainings (High School/Middle School)

The following table provides a brief description and list of fields for available Keyboarding Office® Trainings Reports.

Report Type Description Available Fields
Individual Performance

Displays performance results for a training task for a specific student

Required Fields

  • Course
  • Section
  • Scheduling Instructor
  • Due Date
  • % Complete
  • Subject
  • Activity
  • Task (ID)
  • Apply Complete
Section Results by Assignment (Assignment and Assignment Custom)

Displays performance results for each student in the section grouped by assignment.

  • Students who have no results for an assignment can be included by checking the "Include students without results" check box.
  • The available fields in the report depend on the type of assignment selected.

Required Fields

  • Student Name
  • Completed by
  • Scheduling Instructor
  • Number of Apply Tasks Complete
  • Lesson
  • Due Date
  • Scheduled Date
  • % Complete


  • Student Username
  • Student Blackboard ID
  • Student Email Address
  • Student Alias
  • Student ID