Known Issues

Current list of known problems with workarounds where available.


  • The JAWS screen reader has these issues:
    • Focus does not move to the list of options under the account name.
    • Focus does not move to the list of options under Date of Birth and Secret Question.

    WORKAROUND: Use another screen reader.

  • The Cengage SAM logo on the Login page is not read by screen readers.

SAM Assignments

  • Instructors can only remove assignments they create in a section.
  • In training tasks, the Observe, Practice, and Apply buttons are sometimes displayed incorrectly as a drop-down list on MacOS and iPad. They can still be selected.
  • Students are unable to download SAM Projects files on the iPad.

SAM Sections

  • Instructors cannot use the Communicate feature if they select more than 33 sections.

    WORKAROUND: Select fewer than 30 sections at a time.

SAM Keyboarding

  • When an instructor selects lessons 56-110 using bulk select, lesson 56 is not included in the selection.

    WORKAROUND: Manually select lesson 56.

  • Individual Performance Reports for Word® Drill Assignments do not include the student input and markup details.

    This will be resolved with a future release so that the student input and markup details will be present in the Individual Performance Report.