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Modifying Gradebook Section Settings

Modifying Gradebook’s Section Settings changes the default display for all sections. You can choose:

  1. After you have started Gradebook and selected a section, the table grid displays. From the Section drop-down menu, select a section.
  2. Click the Manage tab in the upper right corner of the window.

    The Manage tab displays.

  3. Click Section Settings.

    The Section Settings page displays. You can modify settings for the following:

    • Default Gradebook Display
    • Exam and Project Scoring Method
  4. Modifying the Default Gradebook Display:

    In the Section Settingspage, under Default Gradebook Display, select either Percentage or Points

    Note The default is Percentage.
  5. Modifying the Exam and Project Scoring Method

    In the Section Settings page under Exam and Project Scoring Method:

    • Click the drop down menu for Exam or Project
    • Select from Highest (default), Average, or Lowest
  6. Click Save.