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Keyboarding Office Trainings Assignment and Scheduling Options (High School/Middle School)

Instructors can edit these options for Keyboarding Office® Trainings assignments:

  • Different assignment types have different assignment options available.
  • You cannot enter an available or due date if Always Available is ON.

Scheduling Options: Dates/Times and Security


Details if selected

Specify when the assignment is available Select dates from the calendar when students can take the assignment.

Options are as follows:

  • Select the Select Available / Due dates option box.
  • On the calendar, click the available date and navigate on the calendar to the due date. Click the due date to select the range.
  • Select the Select Available Date only option box.
  • On the calendar, click specific dates.
  • Select the Select Due Date only option box.
  • On the calendar, click the due date.
Note Click Next or Prev on the calendar to display the calendar for the next month or the previous month.

Default: Assignment is always available.

Specify password for student access

Set a password that students must enter in order to start work.

Important Passwords are optional. If used, provide them to students.

Default: No password

Available after Due Date If you have specified a due date for the assignment, you can select whether or not the assignment will still be available to students after that date.

Default: Not selected

Assignment Options: Scoring and Delivery Options


Details if selected

Assignment Instructions Enter the Training Instructions.

Default: No Training Instructions