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Preference Options

Instructors can edit these options for Keyboarding Preferences:

  • Some exercises have different fields disabled. Not all preferences are available for each exercise. The Default setting for some preferences may differ depending on the exercise.
  • If changes are made to the preferences and students have already submitted an assignment those changes will not apply to those students. The changes apply to assignments taken after the preference changes.


Details if selected


Select the percentage needed for the task to be marked correct.



Select whether to enable students to use the Backspace key.

Default: ON

Errors Allowed

Select the number of errors allowed for the whole task.

Default: 3 per task

Errors Allowance (per min per task)

Select the rate of errors for timed exercises. The value you enter is the number of errors allowed per minute.

Default: 6 per minute per task


Select how many minutes students have to complete the assignment.

Default: The default may change depending on the exercise.

Divider Marks

Enable divider marks to identify and separate word groups or phrases that students should key as a unit. Students do not need to key the divider mark.

Default: OFF

Textbook Keying

Enable this option to require students to key from the textbook. Disable this option to enable students to view the text in the Content Player.

Default: OFF


The emphasis determines which values are calculated at the end of each task.

  • Accuracy: Calculates Graded Words a Minute (GWAM), number of errors and accuracy percentage
  • Speed: Only calculates GWAM
  • Combination: Calculates GWAM, number of errors and accuracy percentage

Default: Combination