Projects are Keyboarding in SAM assignment types that require students to work in the appropriate Microsoft Office® application.

Microsoft Office

A fully installed Microsoft Office version is required to complete Keyboarding in SAM projects. Keyboarding in SAM projects do not work with the web based versions of Microsoft Office.

SAM 2019 Projects
  • Windows® 8 or later: Microsoft Office 2019/365 Home, Premium, or University
  • macOS™ 10.12 or later: Microsoft Office 365 Home/Premium or Microsoft Office 2019 Home/Student

Not compatible with Microsoft Office Online.

SAM 2016 Projects
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or later: Microsoft Office 2016/365 Home, Premium, or University
  • macOS on Intel: Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 Home/Business or Microsoft Office 365 Home, Premium, or University

Not compatible with Microsoft Office Online.

SAM Online Projects
Requires a supported browser and subscription to Microsoft Office Online.
Note Some project steps are different on Microsoft Office for Mac and include Mac Hints for students.

Keyboarding in SAM Project Workflow

Note Some Office 365®/2016 projects are not compatible with Mac computers. A warning displays above the scheduling options. Students view the message when they launch the project.
  • Students download an instructions file and a start file from Keyboarding in SAM.
  • Students complete the project by following numbered steps in the instructions file.
  • Students upload the completed project file to Keyboarding in SAM for grading.
  • Keyboarding in SAM grades students on every skill presented in the instructions file to test students’ mastery of Keyboarding and introductory Microsoft® Word® skills.
  • Every step is graded and all steps display in the Graded Summary Report.
  • Keyboarding in SAM modifies the start file by inserting students’ names.
  • Students are graded out of 100 by default.
  • The points awarded for each step and availability of partial credit might be different.

Office Online Projects

Office Online projects do not require installation of Microsoft Office on students' computers.

  • Office Online projects have "online" in their name.
  • Available only for select SAM 2019 courses.
  • Students use Microsoft Office Online to complete the project.