Scheduling a Project

To schedule a project for a section from the projects list, use the following procedure:

Note To schedule a project from the Assignments tab see Scheduling a New Project.
  1. On the Navigation bar, click SAM Assignments.

    The SAM Assignments page displays.

  2. Click Projects.

    The Projects page displays.

    Note Only the projects associated to textbooks in your section(s) display.
  3. To locate a project, select from the appropriate drop-down menus (Book and Chapter) to locate the project you want to schedule.
    • Search results display automatically.
    • To clear the criteria, click the X icon next to the search menus.
    • You can sort columns in ascending or descending order.
  4. In the Actions column of the project you want to schedule, click the Schedule icon.

    The Add Assignment Options and Schedule wizard starts and Step 1, Select Assignment Type, displays.

  5. In the Project Assignment Options and Scheduling dialog boxes, enter and select from the various options. See the following table for details.
    Note Clicking the Adjust button enables you to adjust project weights. You cannot adjust project weights in Textbook Projects. See Change Project Points and Step Weights.
  6. When finished entering all options, click Save.