Locating and Selecting an Assignment

Before you can edit, schedule an individual student assignment, or preview an assignment, you must locate and select it. To locate and select an assignment, use the following procedure:

  1. Click SAM Assignments on the Navigation bar.

    The SAM Assignment s page displays with a list of scheduled assignments.

  2. To narrow your search:
    • Click the drop-down menu and select the appropriate section.
    • Click the Keyboarding Activity Type Filter check boxes to narrow the display.
    • Activity Type filters display as check boxes.
    • Assignments with no due date do not display in the Assignment List view when the Always Available filter is off.
    • On the Assignments page in the Search text box, instructors can enter text to filter the assignment list. The list filters automatically to the text entered.
  3. Click the Preview icon to the left of an item.

      A preview window displays with the selected item details.  Click the X icon to close and return to the Assignments page.

    Note Launching a single task uses the default scheduling options and preferences for keyboarding tasks. The Launch All option uses the updated instructor-set scheduling and preferences settings.