Selecting a Section

To edit, copy or deactivate a section, select it. Select a section using the following:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Sections.

    The Sections page displays with all sections in the list.

    Note There is an additional column in the sections list displaying the content version of each section. It refers to the version of Microsoft Office® assigned to the section (Office 365®/2016 or Office 365/2019, depending on what is available to the institution).
  2. Enter a section in the search menu.

    Sections display.

  3. Click the Section Name to view the section details.

    The Section Information dialog box displays.

  4. Click the close icon (x) to exit the display.
  5. Click the option button to the left of the section name to select it.
  6. Click Edit, Copy or Deactivate, Communicate as desired to continue.