User Import Procedure

Use the following procedure to import user records:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Users.

    The Users page displays.

  2. Click Import Users.

    The Import Users wizard starts and displays the first step, Introduction.

  3. Read the introduction and click Next.
  4. Assign students to sections now or at a later time.
    To do thisDo this
    Assign students to sections now
    1. Click Yes.
    2. From the Select Sections menu, select the sections to assign.
    3. Click Next.
    Assign student to sections later
    1. Click No.
    2. Click Next.

    Step 3 of the wizard, Import User File, displays.

  5. Click Browse and select the .txt or .csv file containing students you want to import.
  6. Click Next.

    Step 4 of the wizard, User Property Mapping, displays.

  7. For the imported file, select and map the Import File Properties that correspond with SAM Properties.

    For each user account’s SAM Properties, select the corresponding column header in the input file that maps to the SAM Properties column. For example, BBID in the user input file maps to the SAM Property Blackboard ID.

  8. Click Next.

    Step 5 of the wizard, Confirm User Property Mapping, displays.

  9. Confirm the mapping specified in Step 4 of the wizard.



    Mapping is correct Click Next.
    Mapping is incorrect

    Click Back and go back to step 7.

    Step 6 of the wizard, Mapping Import Validity Check, displays.

  10. Step 6 of the wizard displays detected errors in the imported information.

    to view a report, click Print Summary.

    To resolve the problems, do any of the following:

    There are errors when importing file properties
    • Click Back (multiple times if needed) to go back to the wizard step where you need to make changes.
    • Make your changes.
    There are errors in your import file
    • Click Cancel to exit the wizard.
    • Make the necessary corrections using a text editor like Notepad.
    Only a few user records contain errors

    Click Next. The report omits erroneous records from the import. You can enter them manually using SAM or imported in another file import.

    There are no errors

    Click Next.

  11. Resolve imported username conflicts, if any.

    Each username must be unique. If any of the imported usernames conflict with an existing username, the system displays a Conflict Resolution screen enabling you to enter an alternative username or cancel the import.

    After you resolve all conflicts, Step 7 of the wizard, Import Complete, displays.

  12. Click Print Summary to view a report of the import. When finished, click Close.