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View and Change a Student’s Assignment Scores

Use the following procedure to view and edit an assignment score in the Table Grid:

  1. Locate the appropriate assignment.  Student assignment results display below the Assignment Type heading.
  2. Click the assignment score to the right of a student’s name.
    Note N/A displays when a student has not taken the assignment.
  3. Enter a new value as a whole number for the assignment score.
    • To null out an assignment score so that the score does not enter into the Final Score calculation, enter two dashes (--) and press Enter or Tab.
    • Edit the Training score for SAM Path Assignments without cumulative score to 100% to move students to the Post Exam.

    The value updates.

  4. Press Enter or Tab.

    The new assignment score displays in bold with an Undo icon to the right of the new score.  The class average also adjusts.

  5. Optional: To revert to the original score, click the Undo icon.
    Note Assignment scores revert to the original score of record in the database.  For Custom Assignment types, the original score is N/A.

    The Assignment score reverts to the original score of record.

Note Student scores don’t display in the Gradebook if the student grace period expires.