Adding a New Training Part I – Step One of the Add Training Wizard

To create a new training, use the following procedure:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click SAM Assignments.

    The SAM Assignments page displays.

  2. Click Training.

    The Training page displays with a list of all trainings you created. Click View All Training to view public training as well as trainings you created.

    On this page, you can:

    • Sort individual columns in ascending or descending order by clicking the column heading.
    • Preview a training by clicking the Preview icon to the left of the training name.
    • Locate and select a training. To narrow your search:
    • In the Search box, enter search text.
    • Edit, copy, schedule and deactivate training by clicking the corresponding icon in the Actions column.

    Creators can perform all actions; non-creators can only schedule and copy.

  3. Click Add Training.

    The Add New Training wizard starts and Step 1, Select Training, displays.

  4. From the Content Version drop-down menu, select the content version you want to use.
    Note If your institution has access to only one version of Office®, only one selection displays on the list.
  5. Click the appropriate Type button: Public or Private.
    Note A public training is available to all instructors; a private training is not available to other instructors.
  6. Enter a unique name for the training.
  7. To include a companion exam for a SAM Path Assignment, select Auto-generate companion exam.

    The exam name auto-populates. Enter a new name if desired.

  8. Click Next Step.

    Step 2 of the wizard, Select Textbooks, displays.

  • The textbooks that display in the list correspond to the textbooks associated to your sections.
  • Selecting Make all SAM Tasks available enables you to select tasks by subject for all textbooks. The subjects display in the taskbar at the top of the window. 
  • Task tabs display for the chapters or subjects that you select. Click Chapter or Subject tabs to display content in the tabs below. 
  • If there are more selections than can display in one window, click the arrow button in the far top right of the screen to view more.
  • Chapter and Subject tabs have a number below indicating the quantity of tasks selected.
  • Task tabs display a number count in parentheses for total selected and total available.
  • You can view tasks in two ways:
  • To launch all training items, click Launch All to preview all tasks.

Result: The SAM Content Player opens in a separate window.

  • To launch an individual training item, click Launch to the right of a specific task to preview it.

Result: The SAM Content Player opens in a separate window.