Adding Custom Assignment Types

Add a custom Assignment Type to the Gradebook using the following procedure. Instructors manage Custom Assignment types differently if the Gradebook displays in Percentages or Points.

Note Use this feature if the section in question has assignments other than those currently supported by SAM. Examples of custom assignments are class presentations or labs.
  1. After you have started Gradebook and selected a section, the table grid displays. From the Section drop-down menu, select a section.

    The section’s student list displays.

  2. Click the Manage tab in the upper right corner of the window.

    The Manage tab displays.

  3. Click Assignment Type and Weights/Points.

    The Assignment Type and Weights/Points dialog box displays.

  4. Click Add Assignment Type.

    A new Assignment Type displays in a new line.

  5. In the Assignment Type text box, enter a name for the new Assignment Type.
    Note The new Assignment Type has a default weight of 0%.



    The section is in percentages

    • Enter a weight for the Assignment Type.
    • Adjust the weight of other Assignment Types until the Final Score in the Weights row is 100%.
    • Click Save Weights.
    • Click Done to return to the grid view.

    The section is in points

    • Enter a point value for the assignment. The Default is 100.
    • Changes to points update automatically.
    • Click Done to return to the grid view.