Deactivating a Custom Question

Occasionally you may need to deactivate a custom question if, for example, the question is no longer pertinent. To deactivate a custom question, use the following procedure:

Note Only the owner of the question can deactivate a custom question.
  1. On the Navigation bar, click SAM Assignments.

    The SAM Assignments page displays.

  2. Click Exams.

    The Exams page displays.

  3. Click Custom Questions List.

    The Custom Questions List page displays.

  4. Locate and select the custom question to deactivate.
  5. In the Actions column, click the Deactivate Icon.

    A message displays prompting you to confirm the deactivation.

  6. Click OK to deactivate the custom question.

      A message displays confirming that the custom question is deactivated.