Exam Assignment and Scheduling Options

NOTE: An * indicates a mandatory field. 

Exam Assignment Options


Details if selected

*Assignment Name

Required field

Default: Auto-populates with the exam name entered in Step 5.

Important All SAM Assignments within a section require unique names.


Enter additional instructions.

Default: No instructions

Scoring and Delivery Options


Enter the Pass/Fail threshold as a percentage of correct answers.

Default: Not Pass/Fail

Specify time limit

Enter the time limit students have to complete the assignment.

Default: OFF

Allow SAM Exam to be retaken

Enter the maximum number of retakes up to 50. Instructors can enable students to use the same exam for practice before submitting it for a final grade.

Default: No retakes

Display results at end of exam

Display scores at the end of the exam.

Default: Results do not display.

Randomize tasks/questions

Display exam questions or tasks in random order rather than the original selection order.

Note Not available for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) or Critical Thinking Challenge Exams.

Default: Not randomized

Restrictive Mode

Students can only navigate to tabs, menus or dialog boxes that lead to the correct answer. Students can still scroll, expand or collapse pane drop downs within the ribbon.

Note Not available for MOS or Critical Thinking Challenge Exams.

Default: Not enabled.

Performance Task Options

Modify scenarios

Use a different task scenario.

Note Not all tasks offer multiple scenarios.

Default: Scenario 1

Display feedback for each task item

Provide feedback after a student completes each task.

Default: Feedback displays.

Specify incorrect actions per task

Enter number of times a student can attempt to complete a task successfully before marking the task incorrect.

Select a value between 1 and 10.

Default: Three attempts

Note This option is represented by the number of attempts remaining shown in the content player.

Testbank/Custom Question Options

Display feedback for each question

Provide feedback when the student answers each question.

Default: No feedback

Specify incorrect attempts per question

Enter the number of times a student can attempt to answer a question. (Select a value between 1 and 10.)

Note Selecting Display feedback for each question enables students to attempt the question once.

Default: One attempt

Exam Schedule Options

*Select Section

Click the drop-down menu tab and select appropriate section(s) for the exam.

Default: Required field

Specify when exam is available

Options are as follows:

  • Select the Select Available/Due dates option box.
  • On the calendar, click the available date and navigate on the calendar to the date you want to select as the due date. Click the due date to select the range.
  • Select the Select Specific dates option box.
  • On the calendar, click specific date(s).
Note Click Next or Prev on the calendar to display the calendar for the next month or the previous month.

Default:  Always available

Specify password for student access

Set a password that students must enter in order to start work.

Important Passwords are optional. If used, provide them to students.

Default: No password

Specify late submission options

(Displays if the instructor set dates for the assignment.)

Select daily percentage reduction and assignment end date.

Options are as follows:

  • Enter Daily % reduction.
  • A value between 0-99 is allowed. For every calendar day after the assignment's original due date, a daily percent reduction will be taken off the submitted grade.
  • Select End Date (Optional).
  • The End Date is the last possible submission date for the assignment. On the calendar, click any date on or after the original due date. The dates between the original due date and end date are highlighted in red and allowed for late submission.
  • If assignment original due date has a specified time, then Late Submission end date can be same as original due date.
  • If selecting an end date, assignment is due by 11:59PM.

Specify exam times and passwords

(Displays if the instructor sets available dates.)

The Set Available Dates and Times window displays.

Enter the following (optional):

Times and security - Select all dates or individual dates.

  • Select individual date from the drop-down menu.
  • Assign times and passwords for each available date.
  • Passwords are optional. If used, provide them to students.
  • The times that display from the drop-down menu are in fifteen-minute intervals. Alternatively, you can enter times in one-minute intervals in the entry boxes.

Default: No times and passwords

Specify when students can view reports

Display exam performance reports to students as follows:

  • Never make reports available to students.
  • Click the Make student reports always available beginning 12:00 AM option button if you want to make reports for this exam available on a specific date. The date defaults to the first available date. You can click the Calendar icon to select a new date.
  • Make student reports available (Specify a range of dates from the calendar).

Default: Make student reports available beginning on the current date.