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SAM Instructor Help

SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) is a web-based application that helps students become more proficient in Microsoft Office® software and teaches fundamental computer concepts.

SAM is designed to teach students:

  • How to use Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Access®, and Outlook®.
  • How to use a Windows computer.
  • Foundational computer concepts and skills, including how to use a web browser.

SAM in the Classroom

SAM can determine students' current proficiency level in computer skills and related concepts to help in class placement or guide class instruction. SAM assignments can be used as practice, mid-terms, or final exams.

SAM as a Business Tool

Employers can screen and test prospective or current employees on their proficiency in Microsoft Office applications. SAM can also be used to help employees improve their current skill level.

SAM in MindTap

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