Locating and Previewing Custom Questions

To locate and preview custom questions from SAM’s database, use the following procedure:

  1. Click Exams on the Navigation bar.

    The Exams page displays.

  2. Click Custom Questions List.

    The Custom Questions List page displays.

  3. You can narrow you search as follows:
    • From the Textbook drop-down menu, select a textbook. The default is All Books.
    • From the Chapter/Unit drop-down menu, select a chapter. The default is All Chapters.
    • To enter specific search criteria, in the Search text box, enter a search term.
    Note Results display automatically with your selections.
  4. To preview a custom question:
    • Click the Preview icon to the left of the question to view the question details.
    • Click the X icon to exit the display.
  5. In the Actions column, icons display enabling you to edit, copy or deactivate the custom question.
    Note Only the creator/owner can edit and deactivate custom questions.