Schedule an Exam

Use the following procedure to schedule an exam assignment:

  1. Click SAM Assignments on the Navigation bar.

    The Assignments page displays.

  2. On the taskbar, click Schedule New.

    The Schedule SAM Assignment wizard starts and Step 1, Select Assignment Type, displays.

  3. For Assignment Type, click Exams.
    Note To preview an exam, click the corresponding Preview icon to the right of the assignment name.
  4. From the Content Version drop-down menu, select the content version you want to use.
    Note If your institution has access to only one version of Office®, only one selection displays on the list.
  5. From the Subject drop-down menu, select the subject of the exam.
  6. Click the correct Type button: Public or Private.
    • A public exam is available to all instructors; a private exam is not available to other instructors.
    • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Exams display in Public view
  7. In the Exam List, click the option button to the left of the exam that you want to schedule.
  8. Click Next Step.

    The Add Assignment Options and Schedule dialog box displays.

  9. Complete the fields under the Exam and Assignment Options and Schedule.
  10. When finished entering all options, click Save.

    The exam displays on the Assignment list.