Training Report Descriptions

The following table provides a brief description and list of fields for available Training Reports. Some reports enable you to select the student identifier to display.

Report Name


Available Fields


Individual Performance

Displays performance results for a training task for a specific student

Required fields

  • Course
  • Section
  • Scheduling Instructor
  • Due Date
  • % Complete
  • Subject
  • Activity
  • Task (ID)
  • Apply Complete

Section Results – by Training (training and assignment)

Displays performance results for each student in the section grouped by training assignment

Required fields

  • Student Name
  • Completed By
  • Due Date
  • Scheduling Instructor
  • Scheduled Date
  • Number of Apply Tasks Complete
  • % Complete

Optional fields

  • Student Username
  • Student Alias
  • Student Blackboard ID
  • Student ID
  • Student Email Address
Student Results- All Assignments Displays performance results for all assignments for a specific student

Required fields

  • Section
  • Term
  • Year
  • Assignment
  • Type
  • Date Taken
  • Score
  • Number of Correct
  • Time Spent
  • Pass/Fail