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If you don't have a SAM account, create one the first time you sign in to your SAM course.

Note Before you create a new account, make sure you do not have an existing account. You do not need to create an account if you sign in using a learning management system (LMS) or if an account was created for you.
  1. In your browser, go to
  2. Click New User.
  3. Enter your school's Institution Key and click Submit.

    The Institution Key identifies your school. Ask your instructor if you don't have an Institution Key.

  4. Verify that the listed institution is correct and click OK.
  5. Enter your account information.
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    Important You can use your SAM account to sign in to other Cengage content and services.

    If you already have a Cengage account, enter it instead of creating a new account.

    If needed, set a different Communication Email to receive communications.

    Passwords requirements:
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    Communication Email Email address to which you want communications sent in addition to your username.
    Important Required if your username is not a valid email address.

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  7. Click Create Account.

Your account is created and a confirmation message is displayed.

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