SAM System Requirements

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Sign in at

Sign in to SAM at unless you are using Cengage Unlimited or a learning management system (LMS).

If you are a Cengage Unlimited subscriber, see Sign in for Cengage Unlimited Users.

If you access SAM from a learning management system (LMS) such as Blackboard®, Canvas™, or Moodle™, sign in using the credentials provided by your institution. The first time you sign in to your LMS, you might be prompted to link your LMS account to a Cengage account.

If you don't have a SAM account, see Create a New Account.

  1. In your browser, go to
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click Login.
  4. If prompted, update your account information.

    If your username matches a Cengage account and you have not already done so, enter your Cengage password when prompted. This will link your accounts so you can use the same account for SAM and Cengage.

    If a SAM account was created for you, update your account information the first time you sign in.
    1. Read the license agreement and click I Agree.

      For some schools, the license agreement might not be displayed.

    2. Enter and confirm a new password.
      Passwords requirements:
      • 6-17 characters
      • Letters, numbers, and underscores only
      • At least one capital letter
      • At least one number
    3. Optional: Join our mailing list to receive occasional emails about Cengage products and promotions.
    4. Select your birth year from the list provided.
    5. Select a secret question, type your answer, and click Submit.

      Your secret question and answer are used to confirm your identity if you forget your password.

    6. Your answer is not case-sensitive.
  5. If you need to purchase access, enter your key code.

    Depending on your school, SAM access might be purchased by your institution or you might need to purchase access at (Latin America) or (Brazil).

    To do thisDo this
    Purchase a key code Click If you don't have a key code or go to (Latin America) or (Brazil) to purchase access.
    Enter your key code to verify purchase Type the key code and click Save.
    Continue to use SAM during the grace period Click Enter later.