Extra Credit

Award extra credit for early submission or set individual questions to count as extra credit.

For information on all possible point adjustments, including deductions, see Point Adjustments.

To set an entire assignment as extra credit, see Change Assignment to Extra Credit.

Extra credit for early assignment submission

Award extra credit to students that submit the assignment early. Automatic point adjustments are based on each student's due date with any granted extensions.

If you are using a template you created or edited in Assignment Template Manager, this setting will not apply. Point adjustments must be set for each individual assignment.

  1. Click the Scoring tab under Settings.
  2. For Points adjustment, select Add based on early submission.
  3. Set the Number of hours before due date before which to grant the bonus.
  4. Set the Amount to add as a bonus.


Number of hours before due date: 48

Amount to add: 10%

Available credit based on when the submission is made:

  • More than 48 hours before the due date: 110%
  • Less than 48 hours before the due date: 100%

Extra credit questions

Set individual questions to count as extra credit with no penalty for incorrect answers.

  1. Expand the Questions section and find the question to set to extra credit.

    If you have not added questions yet, click +Add Questions and add questions from the question browser.

  2. Set the question points to 0.
  3. Expand the question.
  4. Click Points adjustment.
  5. Under Points adjustment, select Assign for extra credit
  6. Set the Extra points for correct answer.


Question Points: 0

Extra points for correct answer: 2

Awarded points:

  • Correct answer: 2/0
  • Incorrect answer: 0/0