Brightspace Displays Page Not Found When Accessing WebAssign

When you or your students try to access WebAssign from Brightspace®, a Page Not Found error is shown.

Despite the error message, this problem can have multiple causes.

Incorrect Launch Point

Check the Launch Point URL for the tool provider and correct it if needed.

Incorrect Key or Secret

If the key or secret are not correct, users might see a Page Not Found error instead of an authorization error. Key and secret errors can happen even if you copy and paste these strings, if there is a missing character or extra space at the start or end.

Re-enter both the Key and Secret for the tool provider, ensuring that the fields are not missing any characters and do not contain any extra characters.

Duplicate Tool Providers

If more than one WebAssign tool provider is configured, Brightspace might use a different tool provider than the one you just set up. This problem can happen if the tool provider Brightspace uses does not specify the correct credentials and launch point.

Check to see if more than one WebAssign tool provider is configured. Remove duplicates if needed.