To complete assignments in WebAssign, you must be enrolled in a class created by your teacher. In most cases, you also have to purchase access to the class.

You can be enrolled in a WebAssign class in one of the following ways:


Your instructor gives you a class key to enroll yourself in the class.

  • If you already have a WebAssign account, use it when you enroll.
  • If you don't already have a WebAssign account, you can create one when you enroll.
Instructor Enrollment

Your instructor enrolls you in the class and gives you a new WebAssign username, institution code, and password.

If you already have a different WebAssign account, link your WebAssign accounts to each other to see your class.

Automatic Enrollment

Your school automatically enrolls you in the class after you use the school's enrollment system.

Schools with automatic enrollment often require you to sign in to a school web site in order to access WebAssign. If this is the case, ask your instructor for information about how to sign in to WebAssign.

Note Your WebAssign and Cengage accounts must be linked before you can purchase access.