Personal Study Plan

If available, you can use Personal Study Plan® practice quizzes and tutorials to review and learn material covered in your textbook, to identify which sections you need to study, and to quiz yourself as many times as you need until you understand the material.

The Personal Study Plan is not a generic list of sections in the textbook that you need to study. Instead, it uses short, randomized practice and chapter quizzes to evaluate your knowledge of specific concepts and textbook sections and then suggests tutorial materials that address the specific areas where you are having difficulty. After reviewing the tutorials, you can test yourself again to confirm and reinforce what you learned.

The Personal Study Plan is available only for selected textbooks, and must be enabled by your instructor. Depending on how your instructor set up the Personal Study Plan, you might use it in different ways:

  • Personal Study Plan chapter quizzes might be part of your class grade, replacing or in addition to homework assignments in WebAssign.
  • Personal Study Plan chapter and practice quizzes are an excellent way to study for tests or examinations.
  • A Personal Study Plan might include parts of a textbook that are prerequisites for the current course, so you can brush up on anything that you might have forgotten.
  • A Personal Study Plan might include parts of the textbook that cannot be covered in class, so you have an opportunity to study those sections on your own.