Access WebAssign from KCTCS Campuses

Sign in to WebAssign using the KCTCS BlackboardĀ®.

To access WebAssign directly from Blackboard, your browser must be configured to accept third-party cookies.

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click Courses.
  3. Click a course that is linked to WebAssign.
  4. In the course menu, click Tools.
  5. Click Access WebAssign.
  6. First time only: Link your WebAssign and Access WebAssign from Blackboard accounts.
    1. Sign in to WebAssign.
    2. Click Link Account.

If you can access WebAssign from Blackboard, do not sign in to WebAssign directly.

You are automatically enrolled in WebAssign courses that are linked to the Blackboard courses in which you are enrolled.

Your scores on WebAssign assignments might be displayed in Blackboard. WebAssign scores in Blackboard are not live, but instead are updated periodically or by your instructor.