Work on an Assignment with LockDown Browser

Some of your assignments might display the LockDown Browser® icon WebAssign LockDown Browser Required to indicate that you must install and use WebAssign LockDown Browser to complete the assignment.

Important You can open a LockDown Browser restricted assignment only from WebAssign supported browsers on Windows or Mac OS X. You cannot open LockDown Browser assignments from an iPad or a Linux/UNIX computer.

While you are working on an assignment that requires LockDown Browser, you cannot use other applications, view other Web sites, copy, or print. Also, certain WebAssign features are not available when using LockDown Browser. These restrictions help to provide a fair testing environment for all students. The restrictions are lifted when you close the assignment by closing LockDown Browser.

  1. From your Home or My Assignments page for a class, click the name of an assignment.

    If needed:

    • Read any notices.
    • Enter the assignment password.
    • Click Launch LockDown Browser.
  2. When the LockDown Browser opens, click the name of your assignment to start it.
    Note If you are using Firefox and cannot open an assignment using LockDown Browser, you must uninstall LockDown Browser and install the latest version or use another supported browser.
  3. Work on the assignment questions and submit your responses.
  4. When you are finished with the assignment, close LockDown Browser.
    Tip If the assignment is timed, click the timer to collapse it, and then close LockDown Browser.