Select, Copy, and Paste Expressions in calcPad

You can select, copy, and paste expressions in calcPad®.

Sometimes, you need to select a part of your expression to cut or copy it, or to use the selection as the argument of a function.

To select part of an expression:

  • Drag the mouse or use the SHIFT + ← or SHIFT + → keys.

    To select the entire expression, press CTRL + A.

  • iPad only: Double-tap what you want to select. Double-tap another location to extend your selection.
    Tip Double-tap your selection to expand it. For example, in the expression 3 x 2 :
    1. Double-tap 3 to select 3.
    2. Double-tap the selection to select 3x.
    3. Double-tap the selection again to select the entire fraction.

To copy and paste:

  • You can't paste the vertical bar (|) in calcPad.
  • On an iPad®, you can't copy or paste in calcPad.
  1. Select part of an expression to be copied or cut.
  2. Copy or cut the selection.
    • To copy your selection, press CTRL + C.
    • To cut your selection, press CTRL + X.
  3. Move the insertion point in the expression to where you want to paste what you copied.
  4. Press CTRL + V.