Show My Work

Some questions include a final question part labeled Show My Work. Use Show My Work to demonstrate your reasoning or the process you used to answer the question.
Show My Work answer box

For each question, the Show My Work header indicates whether Show My Work is required or optional.

  • Show My Work might be optional for some questions and required for other questions on the same assignment.
  • If Show My Work is required, it counts toward your assignment score. You will tentatively receive full credit when you submit your work, but your instructor might change your Show My Work score after reviewing your answer.

Show My Work does not restrict the number of submissions you can make. Until the assignment due date passes, you can update Show My Work as many times as you need to.

  1. If needed, expand the Show My Work question part.
  2. Click in the Show My Work answer box and type your answer.
    The Show My Work answer box displays a standard set of tools for formatting your text; if needed, hover your mouse over any of the toolbar buttons to see its description.
  3. When you think that your answer is correct, submit it to WebAssign.
    Important In order to receive credit for your answer, you must submit it to WebAssign.