Start Virtual Classroom

When your scheduled Virtual Classroom meeting time arrives, start it in the Bongo™ MindApp™. Students cannot join the meeting until you have started it.

Because you are the moderator of your Virtual Classroom meetings, you must start meetings from Bongo in MindTap™. You cannot start a Virtual Classroom meeting from an external link.
  1. In the toolbar, click Bongo to open Bongo.
  2. Click Bongo menu > Meetings.
  3. Beside your meeting name, click Select > Launch.

    The Meeting Lobby opens.

    The Virtual Classroom Dial-In numbers are located here. You or another participant may need to use this feature if you do not have access to a computer or internet connection, or you experience technical issues due to a poor internet connection. Please note that this number is unique and specific to the scheduled meeting.

    To check your system to ensure it is compatible with Bongo, click Computer Pre-checks.

    Other participants will not be able to enter the meeting room until you do.

  4. To start your meeting, click Enter Meeting Room.