Invite Students

Once you have scheduled a Virtual Classroom meeting, invite your students.

Best Practice Communicate your scheduled meeting times with students. MindTap™ does not notify students of scheduled meetings.
  1. In the toolbar, click Bongo to open Bongo.
  2. Click Bongo menu > Meetings.
  3. Invite students in the Bongo™ MindApp™ and/or send them a direct external link to the meeting.

    Invite students in Bongo

    Students invited in Bongo receive copies of meetings you record.

    1. Beside your meeting, click Select > Manage Invites.
    2. Click Sync Roster to inform Bongo of any changes in your MindTap roster.

      Bongo limits the number of participants in your Virtual Classroom meeting to the number of students in your class.

    3. Click a student to move them from Available to Invited.
    4. Click Save.
      Invited students can access your meeting through the Bongo app in MindTap.

    Give students an external link

    External links let users join meetings as participants. Because you are the moderator of your meetings, you cannot join using external links and must start meetings from Bongo in MindTap.

    1. Beside your meeting, click Select > Copy External Link.
    2. Share this link with your students.
      Students with this link can join your meeting.
    3. Optional: Add the external link to your learning path as a web link activity.