Schedule Virtual Classroom

Schedule Virtual Classroom meetings for office hours, training sessions, and live lectures.

There are 2 ways to schedule your Virtual Classroom meeting, which will vary depending on your organization's setup with Bongo.

Schedule in LMS

Within your LMS, you may see a Virtual Classroom  option alongside a Video Assignments option. If so, click Virtual Classroom.

Schedule in MindTap

  1. In the toolbar, click Bongo to open Bongo.
  2. Click Bongo menu > Meetings.
  3. To schedule a new meeting, click Add new item.
  4. Name the meeting, and then enter the date and time.
    Tip If possible, don't select Now. This has been linked to performance issues. Instead, schedule the meeting to start at least 5 minutes from now.

    The maximum meeting time is 120 minutes.

    The maximum number of participants — including the moderator — is based on course enrollment, but cannot exceed 150 participants.

    You can share up to 7 simultaneous webcams.

    If you want presenters to enter the meeting early:

    1. Set the meeting start to the time that presenters should enter the meeting.
    2. List the attendee start time in the meeting name.

    For example, you might schedule a "10:00 Art History Lecture" to start at 9:50 so you can prepare but your students know to enter at 10:00.

  5. Click Save.

Once the meeting is scheduled, you can invite others, as well as edit or cancel the meeting. When the meeting time arrives, you will  start the Virtual Classroom meeting. 

To Edit the date/time or Cancel, click Select next to the meeting name to bring up the needed menu.