Export Blackboard Course Settings and Content

As an alternative to copying your BlackboardĀ® course and its MindTap integration settings into a new Blackboard course, you can export your Blackboard course settings and content to a file and then import the file into one or more Blackboard courses that are not linked with MindTap.

  1. In Blackboard, navigate to the course you want to copy.
  2. In the Course Management panel, click Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course.
  3. Click Export Package.
  4. Optional: Select options for exporting file attachments.
  5. Under Select Course Materials, select which course materials to include.
    • To copy everything, click Select All.
    • To copy only links to MindTap activities and grade synchronization settings, select both Content Areas and Grade Center Columns and Settings.
  6. Click Submit.

    Because this can take some time to complete, Blackboard queues it for processing in the background so you can still do other work.

    When complete, you will be notified per your notification settings.

  7. When your package is ready, click Refresh on the Export/Archive Course page.

    Your export package is listed.

    Export/Archive Course page listing an export file
  8. Click the export package to download it to your computer.

    This file is a zip archive of your exported course data. There is no need to unzip or decompress it.