Integrate MindTap With Your Blackboard Course

Your Blackboard® administrator must have set up the Cengage tool in Blackboard.

With this integration:

  • You and your students access your MindTap courses from Blackboard.
  • You can sync either your students' overall course grades or individual activity scores for the MindTap course to Blackboard.

Multisection Courses

  1. Sign in to Cengage and create your multisection MindTap course.
    1. Create your initial section and finish setting up the learning path and scoring settings.
    2. Create multiple sections by copying your initial section. Set each section's information, including section name and instructors or TAs.
  2. Create your first Blackboard course section and link it to one of your MindTap course sections.
    1. Integrate an Existing MindTap Course With Blackboard
    2. Add Links in Blackboard to MindTap Activities and Resources
  3. Create additional Blackboard sections that link to each of your other MindTap sections.