Copy a MindTap Course in NGLSync

You can create a new course by copying an existing course that has custom content and settings you want to reuse.

Note These instructions are for K-12 teachers who use NGLSync to manage their MindTap courses.

You can copy your own course, or copy a colleague's course if they share their course key with you.

Your new course uses the same product as the course you are copying.

Copied changes include:
  • Custom content and activities
  • Activity settings
  • Gradebook settings such as late penalties and category weighting
  • Order of content and activities in the learning path
  • Removal of content and activities not on the syllabus

Changes made to the original course after your new course is created do not affect your new course.

  1. If needed, sign in to the NGLSync Portal at
  2. Click Go to Dashboard.
  3. Select a course to copy.

    To copy your own course:

    1. On the My Account & Courses tab, click Copy next to the course you want to copy.

    To copy another instructor's course:

    1. On the My Account & Courses tab, click Create Course.
    2. To copy another instructor's course, click Follow These Steps.
    3. Enter the course key, then click Validate.
    4. Click Next.
  4. Enter your course name, start date, and end date, then click Next.
  5. Review your course information and click Next.
Your course is created in MindTap and shown on your NGLSync Dashboard and Portal.