Add Students from Google Classroom

Link your NGLSync course to your Google Classroom class to add students. Students access their course directly from Google Classroom and do not need to manage a separate username and password.

Any changes you make to your Google Classroom roster are synced to NGLSync.

Important Do not add students to your course in NGLSync before linking your Google Classroom class. Linking Google Classroom to an NGLSync course that already has students enrolled can cause students to be added to the gradebook twice.
  1. If needed, sign in to NGLSync at
  2. In the upper-left corner, click Menu > My Courses.
  3. Under the course you want to manage, open the Manage Course Toggle Dropdown menu and click Manage Students.
  4. Click Add Students.
  5. Click Link to Google Classroom.
  6. Click Start.
  7. If this is your first time linking a course in NGLSync to a Google Classroom class, a new tab opens to authenticate your Google account.
    Important When prompted to grant NGLSync access to your Google account, select all permissions.
    If you do not select all permissions, students cannot access your course. See Can't Register Google Classroom Students.
  8. Select a Google Classroom class to link with your course in NGLSync and click Link.
A unique launch URL is posted to your Google Classroom stream that students can use to directly access your course.