Create an Audiovisual Recording

For audiovisual recording activities in language courses, you make videos individually or with other students to practice conversation skills.

MindTap audiovisual recording activities are identified with this illustration:

Note Mobile devices are not supported for audiovisual recordings.
  1. In an audiovisual recording activity, click Enter A/V recording activity.

    First time only: Select the check box to accept the terms of use, and then click Continue.

    MindTap checks your system requirements.

  2. Start or join a video recording session.

    To do this

    Do this

    Start a new video recording session

    Group or individual activity:
    1. Click Initialize.
    2. For a group activity, copy the session ID and share it with others in your group. Up to six students can participate in the same session.

      For an individual activity, there is no session ID.

    3. Click Enter Virtual Room.

    Join an in-progress video recording session

    Group activity only:
    1. Click Join.
    2. Enter the session ID that you received from the group member who started the session.
    3. Click Enter Virtual Room.

      The session ID connects multiple participants in different locations with a single, virtual meeting room for synchronous video recording.

  3. In the AV Board tab, record your video.
    1. To start recording, click Start recording.

      For a group activity, the video screen is divided into a multiple panes for the participants.

    2. To stop recording, click Stop recording.
  4. Replay your video.
    1. Open the My Recordings tab.
    2. To view a recording, click Play recording..
    3. Use controls in the video player to play, pause, rewind, and so on.

      Audio player with buttons for play or pause, restart, rewind, and forward; a time line of the recording; a volume control; and a control to enter full screen. Press the Escape key to exit full screen.

  5. To record another video, repeat step 3.
  6. When you are done recording, select a video in My Recordings, and click Submit.

    For a group activity: Unless your instructor says otherwise, participants submit videos independently for individual grades. In that case, submit the video that best demonstrates your own conversation skills.